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How to gain self-confidence.

The society in which we live bombards us daily with millions of messages, many times contradictories. There is advertising created specifically to sell us online courses, cars, perfumes, deodorants, tampons, insurance policies and even laxatives, based on the premise that increase security and confidence.
The image that comes to my mind is to be in the middle of the road and find signs to all directions indicating the same destination. And besides, a lot of people running next to my car screaming at me that they have the true path to my goal. Who I must listen to?

And the worst thing is that I am not clear where I am going. Well, I know that:
• I want to be happy.
• Prosperous
• Healthy
• Attractive
• Loved
• Praised
I've left you a couple of unfilled extra points for you to add your own goals. The ones I wrote are not in order of priority. You can order them however you want.
It is obvious that, for any destination, in a world like today, it is essential to have a great self-confidence. Otherwise we will be taken by the stream to the sink where almost all go. If you want that, it’s perfect for me. I give you a phrase that my grandmother had in her patio, painted on a tile:

“¡Eat shit! Millions of flies can’t be wrong”

Now, if you want to arrive to a different place, there are two things you should not do:
The first is obvious: You must not be carried away by the current.
The second is not so much obvious: you should not fight against the current.
Yes, Yes.
Fighting against the current will exhaust your strength and will not take you anywhere. Believe me, I have experienced it.
So, what?
Stop! Although society seems to push you, it is not necessary to be in permanent movement.
Now answer these two questions:
1. Who are you? It's not about putting your name, your sex, or what you're doing, not even what country you belong to.
2. What do you have? And I do not mean if you have material goods. I mean abilities, talents, intelligence, imagination.
Have you already done it?
If at the first question you answered, "a human being", eureka! I did not expect less from you.
Indeed, you are a human being with all that implies. You have the right to be here, to walk your own path and to seek your own happiness.
Not convinced?

You ought to know that nothing in the universe exists without a reason, and if you are alive, it is for something. Otherwise, you would not be here. So, you can pat yourself on the back.
Let's go to the second question. You have many qualities. You may be good for numbers, you may have a lot of imagination, maybe be very wilful, constant, hardworking, nice ... You know better than anyone the gifts that life gave to you.
Polish them until they glisten!
The brilliant Michelangelo Buonarotti who, besides being a sculptor, was a painter, architect, urbanist, engineer and poet, said:
“How can I make a sculpture? Simply removing anything that is not necessary from the marble block. "
"Each block of stone has a statue in it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."
Your task, my dear friend, is to discover and extract the David within your block of stone.
When you discover that you are unique, you will gain self-confidence and when you begin to polish your skills, you will notice how it shines and self-confidence will go to the clouds.
Well, now the recipe to reach destination.
I said before that you should not be carried away by the current and not fight against it. In the first case, you will go to a site that you do not want and in the second you will run out without going anywhere
What is the solution?
Look across the river and set a point you want to reach, then calculate the speed of the water and use the force of the current to get to that point you have set.
Have not you understood?
I'll try to be clearer using an example:
Ana loves to organize events, interact with persons, talk with people and take an interest in them. She has great creativity, is orderly, methodical and persevering. At the time of choosing career she decided for the Degree in Advertising and Public Relations. However, when finishing the race, only she obtained work cleaning rooms of hotels and in a pastry serving to the public. Ana had to pay the rent, the food, the clothes ... Even so, she managed to do a Master in Tourism and Hospitality, working, and going to college at the same time. As she liked to write, she accepted a column in the university's journal and also agreed to collaborate with one of her professors in correcting the exams. Despite the little time left to her, she made a practice of photographing the products of the bakery, helped organize events for which she did not earn money, and studied the sights of the city and the region. She guided her parents and friends when they went to visit her and signed up for a tourist guide course. One day, a client of the bakery took an interest in that kind, polite and awake young lady. What surprised her was when he learned that a university professional was selling bread, cakes and coffee. As he was starting a new company, he proposed to work a few hours in his office. Two weeks later, an event took place in another country that required language skills and Ana was able to do so. They also gave her the position of tour guide, an English company hired her to correct postgraduate exams and another to write the content of ther website.

Ana could have been carried away by the current and resigned to the fact that she would not find work that she had studied.
Ana could have rebelled against the world and refused to work inferior.
What did Ana do?
She used the current to paddle to where she wanted to.
And the story has just begun!
The name of the protagonist is fictitious and I have avoided some details, but the story is not theoretical.
It's a real case!

Be the best version of yourself!