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How to be more charismatic

I’ve found that Google keeps a detailed record of searches by topic and by term, which are done through its search engine. These records begin in June 2012.
One of the most sought-after topics and that remains almost in the 100's during the last five years is the charisma.

Curious, isn’t it?
One could think that the searches refer to the meaning of charisma:
"Quality or natural gift that a person has to attract others by his presence, his word or his personality."
Many people may not know what it means. But no, the search ranking refers to the topic charisma and bibliography on how to increase personal magnetism.
It is not strange to find books or articles about "the eight golden rules to increase your magnetism" or "be more charismatic in four simple steps." Also noteworthy is the notoriety of some techniques such as NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming).
It seems to be that being charismatic put anybody on the road of success.
So, who would not like to be more charismatic?
I am going to write some well-known names:

• Lady Gaga
• Meryl Streep
• Uma Thurman
• Jack Nicholson
• Tom Hanks
• Richard Gere
They are not in a predetermined order nor do I intend to compare them with each other.
What do they all have in common?
-They are famous.
Yes, I know.
"They are idols."
That's it. And we make idols to those who have charisma.
But it seems that, by definition, charisma is a natural gift and therefore one has or does not have it.
- So that of the eight rules or the four simple steps is pure verbiage ...
Partly yes and partly not.
I’ll give you an example:
If you want to get very good photographs, it will be essential to have a good camera, know the effects of light, the use of zoom, frames ... That is, you must know the techniques of photography.
However, there is something more important than all that: see what you want to photograph.
If you have your eyes closed it will be difficult to apply the techniques. And do not even think about catching a bird in flight while trying to remember what the frame and light were like for those cases. The bird is gone.

Do you want to be more charismatic?
Open your eyes!
-It's that I am too short, too tall, fat, thin, ungracious ...
It has nothing to do with the physical aspect.
It has to do with how much you love yourself.
If you want to be more charismatic:
• Look in the mirror and say yourself until you believe it, that you are a unique person. There was not, there is or there will be not someone like you.
• Look at others and think that, like you, they are also unique and therefore worth knowing and listening to. You always learn even from the faults of others.
• Decide who is worth trying and who is not.
• Treat yourself with cordiality and patience. You are learning. The others as well.
• Monitor your thoughts. They are the ones who produce emotions and emotions cannot be changed, just repressed.
• Do not want to sound funny. If naturally you’re a funny person, its ok. Laugh!, but...
• Laugh at yourself and with others. Do not laugh at 'others'
• Love what you do. Whatever you do!
• Do not take situations as personal, as much as possible.
• Be yourself. To do this you must know who you are. And you are not your mind.

As you will see, almost everything comes out of "loving yourself"
Who would not want to live in a kind and friendly world? So, be kind at yourself!!

Remember that your mirror neurons attract what your mind thinks.

®Ricardo Lampugnani